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Mag's Nursery

Description: Could you make it as a qualified nurse? Give it a try in the nursery.

Category: Maggie Market

Number of Times Played: 664285


Reviews for Mag's Nursery

Review by raspberrylove

this game is soooo goood

Review by konai

This game sucks its wack dont play it its hard

Review by e

this game is dumb

Review by mia

this is hard

Review by Fateen

best games.....

Review by dayja

i did not no what to do on this game right here.

Review by it

its a very hard game its a very hard

Review by Marui

Awesome and addicting.

Review by waz


Review by simran

this game is awsome but my school wont let us access it

Review by it

its a very hard game its a very hard

Review by nick

ccccccooool peace

Review by XX

so difficult.....

Review by dhia

ooooo....!!! this game is super duper duper very very super duper hard...!!

Review by srwe

this is dumb

Review by Tina

I hate this game this game should be deleted!

Review by Susie

Whoooopeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it but i won. I played it about 5 times already!

Review by bea

best gamesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Review by taylor swift

my review is care for babies and specialy who have fever

Review by Coraline

It's so hard and funny!

Review by katey95228

this is the hardest game ever

Review by jennifer

this is tooo hard

Review by Beth

This game is great i can beat it any day!!!

Review by Makenzie

who would do this kind of game! BORING

Review by syafiq

like that

Review by lollipop

how to play this?

Review by ej

its fun onces u start but then its hard cuzthen all the babys start tocry

Review by Ashleyy(:

very hard. hmmm i can never beat it. :)

Review by gabriela

boo boo hate it

Review by Alice

So hard

Review by cindy

it is suckiest game i everd played i dont know how toplay because this game doesnt have a boutton that says how to play it sucks every body dont play this game no more lets play a diffrent kind of game that is easy ffor us to play or do it sucks

Review by KATA B


Review by Taylor

This game is okay but the screen is abit small overall i will give it 4-10

Review by Hi!

This game is fun but difficult...

Review by Sophia

It's too hard to pass

Review by ???

this is full of bs people!!! how could you like it jerks!! only a beech would play!

Review by ???

okay okay la!!!!

Review by MARIAH


Review by sssaarraahh

this game is like way hard. cant they make it a little easier for us

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