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Sit Up!

Description: The show is so hilarious that it causes people to laugh too hard. Try to pull them back to their seats with the number pad before they fall on the ground!

Category: Maggie Market

Number of Times Played: 547275


Reviews for Sit Up!

Review by raspberrylove

this game makes me lost my temper!!!!!huh

Review by euan

i sit up very good

Review by euan

they won't sit up

Review by asia

great game!!!!!lol

Review by Orio

It won't work.. D-8

Review by ponchom

asco juego aburido qe juego tan mas aburrido

Review by sonam

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me her games website and name plzzzzz this is my request she is very briliant good

Review by alessandra

hello bey-bye

Review by maddy

i HATE this game you do nothing in it it is sooooooooooooooo boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Review by EM

WTF?!?!? honestly this game is retarded it just pissed me off THEY WONT F'ING SIT UP!

Review by evelyn

wow i love u game

Review by cael


Review by Tia morwy

i love this game

Review by micaele

Q jogo legal!

Review by jacky

y cany u mak e new games

Review by ellen emanuela

permainan ini jelek sekali[It is ugly]

Review by molly

yes booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Review by amanda

ha ha

Review by jane

very great!!

Review by c1oris

dayo.1ove you.

Review by myself me

Boo ths game you don't even play BOOOOOOOOOOOOO THS GAME boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this game

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