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H.K. Cafe

Description: A restaurant cooking game. Get the food to the hungry customers before they get angry!

Category: Maggie Market

Number of Times Played: 794258


Reviews for H.K. Cafe

Review by lola

stupid game stupid game

Review by mannu


Review by liau fenny


Review by Me

It's too hard for me to play!

Review by cheng ker sin


Review by Lily Girl

it is good. . .

Review by lola

stupid game stupid game

Review by mackenzie


Review by tubs

way to hard

Review by hanan

its good game

Review by Coraline

Stupid game? Haha, you are stupid. The game is much funny and hard, yes.

Review by lisa

it's very hard

Review by jilliane


Review by jilliane


Review by samara


Review by putney

chiken rice and peas "!

Review by .

OMG, realy cool game, BUT it's too hard for my hands !

Review by SsSsSsS

love it!

Review by JINGNING

Veryyyyyyyyyyy gggggoooooooooooddddd

Review by zoe

very good

Review by bill

gooooooooooooooodddddddd game xD

Review by Betty

Very good.

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